“Ever since I joined the faculty of the Phoenix Institute, I greatly enjoyed teaching to a group of outstanding students from Latin America, North America and Europe. Teaching in the Phoenix Program is a unique and most rewarding experience. Phoenix professors are expected to teach on their own field of academic expertise, but with an additional philosophical dimension. Given my expertise in comparative and international law and relations, it enabled me to go beyond the customary positivist approach and add historic, philosophical and religious perspectives to enhance students’ insight and understanding. The results were most striking”.


“To be with students who want to learn and whose friendship is constituted in part by their love of truth is a teacher’s dream and that is the best thing about teaching in the Phoenix Institute. This is the classical ideal of higher education and it exists in very few places today.”


“The experience of teaching in the Phoenix Institute was really very delightful to me as a teacher. I had well over fifty students from foreign lands taking the class on God, Creation, and Human Dignity early in the morning every day. Often a class that size at that time can be tiresome to a teacher like me who stresses active discussion, because many students can hide in the crowd. Yet all the students in this class came well prepared each day for the lecture and discussion. Instead of being exhausted at the end of each class I was refreshed and energized for the rest of the day. Really a delight, and a great testimony to the quality of students the Phoenix Institute attracts. As I told the students at the end of it all, “we have been friends together.” I can’t wait to do it again.”

Austria - Vienna 2015

“One of the greatest times of my life! Studying key topics with fascinating professors and spending an amazing summer with marvelous people…What more could one wish for?”

Mexico - Notre Dame 2007

“For me, the Phoenix Institute symbolizes reason, faith and excellence in action. There is something very especial about that combination that makes you want to become a better person”.

Canada - Notre Dame 2001

“Here I regained my trust in the human ability to work in the benefit of their fellowmen.”

Spain - Vienna 2012

“The program made me realize that knowledge implies you can no longer live oblivious to your surroundings. You must become responsible. Grab the lead, preach with your example and others will follow.”

Brasil - Notre Dame 2011

“Thanks to what I learned and lived at the Phoenix program, I started looking at things in a different way. I realized that through our understanding, affirming and promoting of universal principles, we can change things that urgently need to be changed.”

Mexico - Notre Dame 2007

“Phoenix programs enable students to know that they’re not alone; that there are many others that share their dream about going out there to actually change the world.”

Italy - Notre Dame 2005

“At the Phoenix programs there are not many superheroes or geniuses, but dozens of people working to improve themselves in order to improve their world… and that’s an inspiring sight to see”.

Spain - Vienna 2007

“Suddenly I came across people who firmly believe in the values in which I have been educated, that at some point became impossible for me to follow. I have found complete hope, because I am not the only one who thinks that this world needs a change, especially youth. I felt that comfortable, full of energy and happiness”

USA - Notre Dame 2008

“The Phoenix Institute changed the trajectory of my career by reinvigorating my passion for promoting the dignity of the human person.”

Poland - Notre Dame

“An unforgettable intellectual adventure!”

Summer Seminars

We are all willing to learn, to understand, to listen, but without knowing it, we all also end up teaching somehow. As the days pass, we all disclose ourselves more openly. Very few times have I been looked in the eye as in the Phoenix Institute. You have the sense of being accompanied, understood, confronted and helped by each and every one of your fellows.

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